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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Pre-expedition travel day 1

I began my drive on Friday afternoon, in the shadow of rain on the NH seacoast. After 3 hours, I arrived in Bangor/Brewer, where a refuel was necessary. As darkness closed in on Route 9, the fog began to blanket the rolling speedway and the only indication of terrain was the dim headlights of infrequent oncoming logging trucks. I felt that at any moment a moose would lumber onto the highway, cloaked in the vail of fog so thick, the reflections of my headlights made it look like a ghostly white wall of mortar. Two hours of intense focus on the old Airline Road, and I made it Calais, where I decided I would spend the night and make the crossing early the next morning. At 9:00 that evening, the only place open was a pizza joint, and that chicken parm sub tasted so good!

Up at 6am, and at the border crossing by 7. At 7:15, which became 8:15 as soon as I crossed the St Croix river into Atlantic Time Zone, I got my first Tim Horton's coffee of the trip: Welcome to Canada!

Now, I'm waiting to board the St. John to Digby Ferry across the Bay of Fundy. I'm here early, and although the travel time is the same as driving all the way to Cherry Hill, I'm opting for the ferry because of the nasty driving conditions spawned by the cold front dumping 2"+ of rain on the entire region. After the 3 hour ferry ride, I'll only have about 1.5-2 hours of driving after arriving in Digby. I'm looking forward to seeing some whales or other marine life and settling in to the slower pace of life up here which is already starting to kick in.

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